Serves: 2
How much does it cost? This recipe cost me less than £2 per person.
What are the benefits? This fruity curry provides three of your five a day, is low in fat compared to many other curries and makes a great takeaway alternative.

Sometimes, my recipes are inspired by one ingredient and the dish is based around that. Sometimes, they’re inspired by other people’s creations, mostly stumbled upon via social media. And, sometimes, they’re inspired by whatever is left in my cupboard and getting close to its expiry date.

This recipe is the latter.

I bought some tinned peaches and pineapple ages ago for reasons I can’t even remember; whatever it was, they didn’t end up getting used and have sat on the shelf for months, being shoved further and further back in favour of chopped tomatoes and baked beans.

I’ve been racking my brains to come up with an idea for them and, finally, this is what transpired – my fruity chicken curry.

This medley of tasty chicken, juicy fruit and a thick, delicious sauce is the perfect sweet ‘n’ savoury combo (so be warned – if you’re anti-Hawaiian pizza, this probably isn’t for you!).

It’s also a great price if, like me, half of these ingredients are already lurking somewhere in your kitchen. It’s brimming with fruit and vegetables, providing plenty of nutrients and antioxidants in just one serving, and it has that thick, luxurious consistency of a takeaway curry so makes a great “fakeaway”.

Oh, and you can use pretty much any tinned fruit for this as well, so grab whatever your tastebuds fancy and get creative!


2 Chicken Breasts, Sliced
400g Tin of Fruit (Peaches, Mango, Pineapple, etc.)
1 Large Onion, Sliced
1 Bell Pepper, Sliced
400g Tin of Chopped Tomatoes
400ml Tin of Reduced Fat Coconut Milk
1tbsp Curry Paste
1 Vegetable Stock Cube

I find that the curry paste does a lot of the work when it comes to seasoning, so I’ve just added a few extra touches here and there. A scattering of dried garlic flakes go into the pan right away with the onion, while a pinch of ground coriander, dried chilli flakes (if you like a little spice), salt and pepper are thrown in with the rest of the ingredients before it’s all left to simmer.

So, this is how I did it…

1. In a large pan, fry the onion and garlic together with the chicken and cook until the chicken is browned and the onions have softened.

2. Drain the fruit to lose the sugary syrup that tinned fruit sits in for goodness knows how long. Also drain most of the juice from the tomatoes too, otherwise the sauce will become too runny (for me, personally).

3. Add to the pan the coconut milk, sliced pepper, crumbled stock cube, curry paste, chopped tomatoes and fruit. Season with a touch of ground coriander, salt and pepper.

4. Simmer for 15 minutes, until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you want to thicken up your sauce, take a generous pinch of plain flour and stir it vigorously into the curry until you start to see it become a little less watery. I love my curries to have a rich, thick sauce, so I do this all the time.


  • Slash the price of this meal by replacing the chicken breasts with meat-free chicken alternatives – half a bag of Quorn chicken pieces, for example, would be plenty for two and cost half the price (or less!) of actual chicken.


  • Experiment with your curry pastes. Most supermarkets stock a whole variety of flavours, from spicier madras pastes to mild kormas. Test how much heat you can handle!


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